About us

Smoke Shack was established in December of 1999 by a Systems Engineer, Mr. Al Harb. It was a challenging experience for a non-smoker to pick up the first order of cigarettes and cigars, but what’s interesting is the amount of success the company has accomplished. In its many locations in the Tidewater Area, Smoke Shack expanded its services to include all smokers. From our high-end cigars and walk-in humidors, to our low-end cigarette prices. Smoke Shack stays true to its logo, “We Smoke the Competition.” Anything a smoker needs, from starting a light to neutralizing the smell with a smokeless candle, it’s all here.

At Smoke Shack, customers pick up their products with full confidence. The idea is to deliver fresh and quality products to our customers by cutting off the middleman. Products come directly from the manufacturer to our warehouses, which are then delivered to our store locations. “From the tobacco farms, to you” is what we want to accomplish and how we want to do business. In addition, by not using a middleman, we are able to keep our prices low and we are able to pass on the savings to the customers by way of promotions.

With the variety products that we offer, we are able to cater to our customers’ needs — from a cigar match to an electronic lighter to an electronic vapor. With our new remodeled locations, we have created the Vape Shack concept. With hundreds of vapors and liquids to chose from at competitive prices, you’re sure to enjoy this vaping experience.

We at Smoke Shack know that you are going to Love Being There! We Guarantee It!