CHOOSING A CIGAR: The Art of Selection

"As concerns tobacco, there are many superstitions. And the chiefest is this–that there is a standard governing the matter, whereas there is nothing of the kind. Each man’s preference is the only standard for him, the only one which he can accept, the only one which can command him. A congress of all the tobacco-lovers in the world could not elect a standard which would be binding upon you or me, or would even much influence us."

– Mark Twain “Concerning Tobacco,” 1893



It is an axiom of cigars smoking that there is no perfect cigar. There is only the right cigar for you, the one that gratifies your taste buds and sense of smell. The joy of searching for the best cigar is in the journey itself–one smoke at a time. The devilish number of different cigars makes choosing one seem like picking a winning lottery number, but with a little knowledge and curiosity, you can embark on a quest that is its own reward.

By Jane Resnick