HUMIDORS: The Well-Kept Cigar

"To smoke is human; to smoke cigars is divine."

– Anonymous


Some valuables, like paintings and jewelry, are meant to be displayed and worn, but cigars, perhaps the most precious of all, must be kept in the closet. Well, not actually in the closet, but certainly in a dark place without fluctuation in the climate. That means a humidor or any reasonable facsimile that your budget allows. Cigars should be stored at a temperature of 68-70 degrees and 70-72 percent humidity. This recreation of the tropical climate of the tobacco’s first home keeps cigars from becoming dry and brittle, extends their lives, and even supplies an environment for “aging,” if that is desirable. It is not that cigars are temperamental, they are simply botanical and cannot survive under conditions that would be harmful to the plant they once were. Hence the humidor.


By Jane Resnick